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Minor Threat
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Label: Dischord
Duration: 47:18
Genre: Punk

Fugazi fans already know that this is the original gospel according to Ian MacKaye. This Washington, D.C., quartet hit harder, faster, and franker than just about anybody--and were willing to see through their own bull as quickly as anyone else's. MacKaye manages to be charismatic and confrontational at the same time: tossing brilliant, genuinely funny asides into his serious-as-a- heart-attack lyrics. Meanwhile, the band, led by Lyle Preslar's staggering guitar attack, pushes MacKaye on with the tightest, most razor-sharp sound in all of hardcore. Nothing in the punk pantheon can come close to "In My Eyes," "Out of Step," or "Salad Days." Absolutely essential. "--Michael Ruby"

I Don't Wanna Hear It1:13
Seeing Red1:02
Straight Edge0:45
Small Man, Big Mouth0:55
Screaming at a Wall1:31
Bottled Violence0:53
Minor Threat1:27
Stand Up0:53
In My Eyes2:49
Out Of Step (With The World)1:16
Guilty Of Being White1:18
Steppin' Stone2:12
It Follows1:50
Think Again2:18
Look Back And Laugh3:16
Sob Story1:50
No Reason1:57
Little Friend2:18
Out Of Step1:20
Cashing In3:44
Good Guys (Don't Wear White)2:14
Salad Days2:45
Original Release: 1988-01-01
Arranged By: Minor Threat
Producer: Minor Threat
UPC: 718750730428