The Warriors
Tonight they're all out to get the Warriors.

Stars: Michael Beck, James Remar, Dorsey Wright, Brian Tyler, David Harris
Director: Walter Hill
Writer: Walter Hill, Sol Yurick, David Shaber
Language: English
Studio: Paramount Pictures
Duration: 93
Rated: R
DVD Release: October 2005

Cyrus, the leader of the most powerful gang in New York City, the Gramercy Riffs, calls a midnight summit for all the area gangs, with all asked to send nine unarmed representatives for the conclave. A gang called The Warriors are blamed for causing gang violence at theaters, but now it looks as highly stylized and pulpy as Hill intended. The plot finds a New York gang having to cross the territory of rivals in order to get to their own 'hood. And so The Warriors begin their long journey from the Bronx back to Coney Island. The second-in-command, Swan, takes charge, though the hot-headed Ajax openly voices his desire to be acting gang warlord. The Warriors slowly cross the dangerous Bronx and Manhattan territories, narrowly escaping police and other gangs every step of the way.

Michael BeckSwan
James RemarAjax
Dorsey WrightCleon
Steve Chambers
Brian TylerSnow
David HarrisCochise
Tom McKitterickCowboy
Marcelino SánchezRembrandt
Terry MichosVermin
Deborah Van ValkenburghMercy
Roger HillCyrus
David Patrick KellyLuther
Lynne ThigpenD.J.
Ginny OrtizCandy Store Girl
Mercedes RuehlPolicewoman
John SnyderGas station man
Deborah Van Valkenberg
Dennis GregoryMasai
Gwynn PressProm Couple
Jodi PriceProm Couple
Jeffrey ScottProm Couple
Carl BrownProm Couple
Edward SewerGramercy Riff
Ron FerrellGramercy Riff
Fernando CastilloGramercy Riff
Hubert EdwardsGramercy Riff
Larry SearsGramercy Riff
Mike JamesGramercy Riff
Gregory CleghorneGramercy Riff
George Lee MilesGramercy Riff
Gerald G. FrancisGramercy Riff
Benny HardingGramercy Riff
Eddie PratherGramercy Riff
Kevin StocktonGramercy Riff
Joel WeissRogue
Harold MillerRogue
Dan BonnellRogue
Dan BattlesRogue
Tom JarusRogue
Michael GarfieldRogue
Chris HarleyRogue
Mark BaltazarRogue
J.W. SmithTurnbull A.C.
Cal Saint JohnTurnbull A.C.
Joe ZimmardiTurnbull A.C.
CarrotteTurnbull A.C.
William F. WilliamsTurnbull A.C.
Marvin FosterTurnbull A.C.
Johnny BarnesTurnbull A.C.
Ken ThretTurnbull A.C.
Michael JeffreyTurnbull A.C.
Paul GrecoOrphan
Apache RamosOrphan
Tony Michael PannOrphan
Neal GoldOrphan
James MargolinOrphan
Chuck MasonOrphan
Andy EngelOrphan
Ian CohenOrphan
Charles SerranoOrphan
Charles DoolanOrphan
Jery HewittBaseball Fury
Rob RyderBaseball Fury
Steven ChambersBaseball Fury
Richard ChiottiBaseball Fury
Tony LathamBaseball Fury
Gene BicknellBaseball Fury
T.J. McNamaraBaseball Fury
Steve JamesBaseball Fury
Lane RuoffBaseball Fury
Harry MadsenBaseball Fury
Bill AnagnosBaseball Fury
John GibsonBaseball Fury
Lisa MaurerLizzie
Kate KlugmanLizzie
Wanda VelezLizzie
Dee Dee BenreyLizzie
Jordan Cae HarrellLizzie
Donna RitchieLizzie
Doran ClarkLizzie
Patty BrownLizzie
Iris AlbantiLizzie
Victoria VanderklootLizzie
Laura DelanoLizzie
Heidi LynchLizzie
Craig R. BaxleyPunk
A.J. BakunasPunk
Greg BaxleyPunk
Konrad SheehanPunk
Eddie Earl HatchPunk
Tommy J. HuffPunk
Leon DelaneyPunk
Irwin KeyesPolice
Larry SilvestriPolice
Sonny LandhamPolice
Frank FerraraPolice
Pat FlanneryPolice
Leo CianiPolice
Charles McCarthyPolice
Tony ClarkPolice
Genre: Action, Thriller
Media: Blu-ray
Sound: ENGLISH: Dolby Digital 5.1 [CC]
IMDb: 0080120