Hacksaw Ridge
When the order came to retreat, one man stayed.

Stars: Andrew Garfield, Richard Pyros, Jacob Warner, Milo Gibson, Darcy Bryce
Director: Mel Gibson
Writer: Robert Schenkkan, Andrew Knight
Language: English
Studio: Cross Creek Pictures
Duration: 139
Rated: R
DVD Release: November 2016

The true story of Desmond Doss, the conscientious objector who, at the Battle of Okinawa, won the Medal of Honor for his incredible bravery and regard for his fellow soldiers. We see his upbringing and how this shaped his views, especially his religious view and anti-killing stance. We see Doss's trials and tribulations after enlisting in the US Army and trying to become a medic. Finally, we see the hell on Earth that was Hacksaw Ridge.

Andrew GarfieldDesmond Doss
Richard PyrosTeach
Sam WorthingtonCaptain Glover
Jacob WarnerJames Pinnick
Luke BraceySmitty Ryker
Milo GibsonLucky Ford
Darcy BryceYoung Desmond
Roman GuerrieroYoung 'Hal' Doss
James LugtonHiker
Vince VaughnSgt Howell
Kasia StelmachHiker's Friend
Ryan CorrLieutenant Manville
Hugo WeavingTom Doss
Richard RoxburghColonel Stelzer
Rachel GriffithsBertha Doss
Luke PeglerHollywood Zane
Jarin TowneyTeenage Boy
Firass DiraniVito Rinnelli
Tim McGarryLocal Man
Goran D. KleutGhoul
Tyler CoppinLynchburg Doctor
Nathaniel BuzolicHarold 'Hal' Doss
Teresa PalmerDorothy Schutte
Ori PfefferIrv Schecter
Richard PlattFlirting Hospital Soldier
Matthew Nable
Rupert Gregson-WilliamsComposer
Simon DugganCinematographer
John GilbertEditor
Ben MingayGrease Nolan
Harry GreenwoodHenry Brown
Damien ThomlinsonRalph Morgan
Robert MorganColonel Sangston
John BatziolasRescued Private Schulenburg
John CannonCorporal Cannon
Mikael KoskiPrivate Giles
Charles JacobsPrivate Webb
Ben O'TooleCorporal Jessop
Dennis KreuslerSergeant Amos (as Dennis Kruesler)
Nico CortezWal Kirzinski
Helmut BakaitisMinister
Bill YoungGeneral Musgrove
Benedict HardieCaptain Daniels
Philip QuastJudge
James MackayProsecutor
Sam Parsonson96th Soldier Bob
Sean LynchPopeye
Thomas UngerStretcher Bearer
Hayden GeensWounded Private Blake
Tim PotterSoldier Hank
Santo TripodiSoldier Carl
Laurence BrewerHead Doctor
Nobuaki ShimamotoJapanese Officer
Hiroshi KasugaJapanese Hanging Soldier
Yuki NagashimaRescued Japanese Soldier (as Yukihiro Nagashima)
Taki AbeJapanese Sniper (as Takehiro Abe)
Taka UematsuReacting Japanese Soldier #2 (as Hisataka Uematsu)
Yoji TatsutaJapanese General
Milan Pulvermacher
Laura BucktonCinema Kissing Sweetheart
Anthony RizzoCinema Kissing Soldier
Simon EddsMP Gibbs
Thatcher McMasterCompany B Soldier
Michael SheasbyTex Lewis
Andrew SearsPrivate Maguire
Jim RobisonPrivate Bates
Nathan BairdPrivate Green
Samuel R. WrightPrivate Dixon (as Sam Wright)
Troy PickeringPrivate Tyler
James MoffettPrivate Lewis
Josh Dean WilliamsPrivate Perry
Andrew HanschBugle Player
Georgia AdamsonReceptionist
James O'Connell96th Soldier Page
Craig ReevesClimbing Soldier
Adrian TwiggSoldier - Death Throes
Luke McMahonStretcher Bearer
Bill ThompsonWounded Soldier
William Takayanagi-TemmFiring Japanese Soldier #1 (as William Temm)
Kazuaki OnoFiring Japanese Soldier #2
Eric TaugherbeckWounded Private O'Conner
Ned LawRescued Private Horvath (as Edward Ned Law)
Kazuki YuyamaCorpse With Rats #2
Daisaku TakedaCorpse With Rats #3 (as Daisuka Takeda)
Raphaƫl DuboisCorpse with Rats #4
Matt NableLt Colonel Cooney
Ryuzaburo NaruseInjured Japanese in Tunnel
Adam BowesRescued Wounded Leg Soldier
Michael HennessyRescued Private Moran
Benjamin McCannRescued Private Saareste
Daniel ThoneStretcher Bearer
Nathan HallsPrivate Tillson
Nicholas CoweyPrivate Gregan
Charles UptonScared Military Officer
Toshiyuki TeramotoSurrendering Soldier
Barry RobisonProduction Designer
Honsen HagaJapanese General's Assistant
Jacinta LeongArt Director
Mark RobinsArt Director
Rebecca CohenSet Decorator
Genre: Drama, History, War
Media: DVD
Sound: Dolby Digital
IMDb: 2119532