A Contagion of War

Author: Terrence Maitland, Peter McInerney
Publisher: Boston Publishing Company
Pages: 192
Series: Vietnam
ISBN: 9780939526055
Genre: Commanders, Government, Illustrated, North Vietnam, Politicians, Politics, United States, Vietnam Wa
Format: Hardcover

This volume of The Vietnam Experience is composed as a companion piece to another volume, America Takes Over. A Contagion of War deals more with tactics than strategy adn attempts to march intimately into battle, portraying what the war was like for those Americans, South Vietnamese, and other allies as well as the Vietcong and North Vietnamese who fought it. This book presents only a sampling fo teh countless battles, pacification efforts, adn other activities from teh arrival of teh first U.S. fighting forces in the spring of 1965 until the end of 1967. Many of these are first-hand accounts.