Queen of The Hill (Knight Games Book 3)

Author: Jack Genevieve
Language: English
Pages: 322
Series: Knight Games(#3/5)
Genre: Psychic Romance
Format: Ebook Amazon & Audible Book

It's good to be the queen!
After saving her caretaker, Rick, from certain death, Grateful Knight is ready for their happily ever after. The date is set and wedding plans are in the works. But when the witch responsible for the candle that almost ended Rick's life shows up in Red Grove expecting payment, the price is more than Grateful can bear.To make matters worse, Logan is barely speaking to her, and a murder at the Thames Theater leaves everyone reeling over the future of Julius's vampire coven. She's finally ready to walk down the aisle, but first Grateful must face the greatest challenge of her life.Knight Games Reading OrderThe Ghost and The GraveyardKick The CandleQueen of the HillMother May ILoganDon't miss this super sexy paranormal romance/urban fantasy!