Spellbooks and Stakings: Paranormal Cozy Mystery (Magic & Mystery Book 2)

Author: Webb Lily
Language: English
Pages: 310
Series: Magic & Mystery(#1/9)
Genre: Magic Mystery
Format: Ebook Amazon & Audible Book

Snitching witches get stitches…
Zoe Clarke is going back to school. After learning she’s telepathic and risking her life to solve a paranormal murder, she’s been invited to the prestigious Veilside Academy of Magic to sharpen her newfound powers.
But not all the students are spellbound by Zoe, and it isn’t long before she realizes the Academy is brimming with exceptional witches and warlocks—who are as cutthroat as they are talented.
So when Zoe’s new favorite vampire professor is found in a pile of ash, all spell breaks loose.
Between troublemaking witches and a jealous staff, Zoe knows whoever the murderer is, they aren’t finished handing out suspensions.
Can Zoe work her magic to reveal the killer? Or will she fail the ultimate test?