The Polymath: Unlocking the Power of Human Versatility

Author: Waqās Ahmed
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Language: English
Pages: 317
ISBN: 9781119508489
Genre: History, Personal Growth
Format: Hardcover

Every human is born with multifarious potential; and the most influential, highest performing people in world history realized this.

Why, then, do parents, schools and employers insist that we restrict our many talents and interests; that we 'specialise' in just one?

Over the years we've been sold a myth, that to 'specialise' is the only way to pursue truth, identity, or even a livelihood. Yet specialisation is nothing but an outdated system that fosters ignorance, exploitation and disillusionment and thwarts creativity, opportunity and progress.

In ‘The Polymath’, twenty-first century Renaissance Man Waqas shows us that there is another way of thinking and being. Through an approach that is both philosophical and practical, he sets out a cognitive journey towards rediscovering and unlocking your innate polymathic state. Going further, he proposes nothing less than a cultural revolution in our education and professional structures, whereby everyone is encouraged to express themselves in multiple ways and fulfil their many-sided potential.