Heather Nova

Label: Sony
Duration: 1:00:59
Genre: Alternative Rock

I was watching the television show Felicity when I heard the song "Valley of Sound" and thought it was so beautiful. When I found out that it was sung by Heather Nova, I rushed out to listen to the rest of her CD. It was simply amazing! Nova is a truly talented musician (she writes all of her own songs). Her voice is exceptionally soothing to listen to and it may remind you of another great songwriter and singer, Sarah McLachlan. The songs have wonderful melodies (especially "London Rain") and well-written lyrics. It is the kind of music that would be perfect for those long cross-country drives. If you do not already own the Siren CD, you should definitely add it to your collection!
P.S. If anyone out there knows of other singers whose music sounds similar to Heather Nova, please let me know!

London Rain (Nothing Heals Me Like You Do)3:50
Blood of Me3:59
Heart and Shoulder3:59
What a feeling4:46
Valley of Sound4:20
I'm the Girl5:23
Winter Blue4:55
I'm Alive3:40
Paper Cup3:28
Make You Mine4:56
Ruby Red4:05
Not Only Human8:09
Grow Young3:10
Water From Wine3:16
London Rain (acoustic)3:58
Original Release: 1998-06-02
Composer: Heather Nova
Arranged By: Anne Dudley, Will Malone
Producer: Jon Kelly, Felix Tod, Youth
UPC: 74646795323