Permanent Record
Weird Al Yankovic

Label: Scotti Bros.
Genre: Humour

These 4 discs present 50 songs from modern rock's most unique and prolific parodist, Weird Al Yankovic. The set is not spiked with outtakes, rarities, or live versions, so fans who already own the majority of Yankovic's catalog will likely want to shy away from this collection, unless they merely live to give money to Weird Al. In his own inimitable fashion, Weird Al skewers almost every major pop-culture trend and puffed-up, pompous pop star. The rest of the songs are celebratorily wacky ditties, the workings of a splendidly talented--and mildly twisted--imagination. --James Conde

My Bologna (Capitol Records Single Version)2:20
Another One Rides The Bus2:37
Happy Birthday (Placebo EP Version)2:40
I Love Rocky Road2:35
Polkas On 454:23
Midnight Star4:37
Eat It3:23
Mr. Popeil4:44
I Lost On Jeopardy3:31
Buy Me A Condo3:54
King Of Suede4:17
This Is The Life3:06
Like A Surgeon3:33
One More Minute4:06
I Want a New Duck3:04
Dare to Be Stupid3:27
Hooked on Polkas3:29
Addicted To Spuds3:54
Dog Eat Dog3:45
Here's Johnny3:25
Living With A Hernia3:24
Christmas At Ground Zero3:15
Good Old Days3:23
I Think I'm A Clone Now3:21
You Make Me3:06
UHF (Single Version)3:52
Money For Nothing / Beverly Hillbillies3:14
The Biggest Ball Of Twine In Minnesota6:49
Generic Blues4:41
Polka Your Eyes Out3:49
You don't love me anymore4:04
Smells Like Nirvana3:46
When I Was Your Age4:37
I Can't Watch This3:32
Trigger Happy3:48
Taco Grande3:46
Bedrock Anthem3:44
Harvey The Wonder Hamster0:24
Achy Breaky Song3:25
Livin' In The Fridge3:37
Frank's 2000" TV4:06
Jurassic Park3:57
Headline News3:49
Original Release: 1994-09-27
Composer: Various Composers
Arranged By:
UPC: 614223202426